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    Smile How can can Host my domain in my home network?
    Can any one say how can I host my domain in my home itself? Now I have a static IP broadband connection, I have PC running Win-Xp, which can be online for 24 hours.. What else do I need to do for it.. I am helpless.. Please help me out of it..

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    I wouldn't recommend this at all .. you need to have security & protection in place to act as a host, much more than your regular pc can afford.

    If you want a website, there are plenty of free options out there. Leave hosting to the experts.

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    Your ISP would probably be contacting you shortly if you did that. Many ISPs will allow you to have a personal page that THEY host, but that's it. Some ISPs will allow it, but under a different type of plan than you would have for your own use. From your question I would suggest that you would be far better off to pay the $10 a month to have professional setup and management of your hosting.

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    Also, your site would be so slow even with just a couple of visitors at one time. Most ISPs have different upload / download speeds - usually faster on the download. This means your site is "uploading" slower to your visitor/s computer/s. It will NOT be a good experience for the user and will have a lasting negative impact on your site.

    There are hosting plans out there for under $4 / month - I know, since 2003 I have owned a hosting business (and am slowly phasing out of it and not looking for new customers).

    Do yourself and your visitors a favor - spend a couple of bucks.

    ~ Denis
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    In addition to all of the above, what happens when YOUR power goes out or your connection goes down or the cats or the kids turn off the computer accidentally? I know many of us that have an "extra" computer laying around that *could* use it as a server, but it is really a very bad idea.
    Deborah Carney

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    Quote Originally Posted by loxly
    I know many of us that have an "extra" computer laying around that *could* use it as a server, but it is really a very bad idea.
    Or two, or three. LOL. I briefly considered this route until I listed out all the pros and cons. Cons definitely outweighed the pros. I certainly have the know-how to do it, but I prefer paying for the convenience of not having to deal with all the logistics and headaches myself. It leaves me time to concentrate on everything else about the business.
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