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Thread: Is TAX Time!!! TaxACT is now live on

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    Is TAX Time!!! TaxACT is now live on
    I know I am not the only one who is looking forward to doing their taxes this year. Due to the current economic conditions, a majority of Americans are all eager to do their taxes. Let’s help them get a head start by providing them TaxACT software through Affiliate network.

    Did you know?
    TaxACT is the pioneer of completely free and fully functional federal tax preparation software, which features:

    *Free Tax Preparation - Your site's visitors can prepare, print, AND e-file their federal return at absolutely no cost
    *Savings - TaxACT's premium products are already economically priced - under $20
    *Low-Risk - Users can try before they buy
    *Complete Coverage - TaxACT State Editions are available for all income-taxing states
    *Safe & Secure Web Environment - TaxACT does not employ spyware, adware, product activation technology or other privacy-invading software.
    *Convenience - Over-the-Web tax preparation and e-filing services mean: no wait, less rush and no need to ever leave the house!

    How do you get paid?
    $3.30 per software download

    Creative, Cookies and PPC Policy
    We have a variety of creatives available for your site including email, text, and banners. We can accommodate custom creative requests.

    Cookie Length = 7 days

    Bidding on the term TaxACT, misspellings of those terms or any variation thereof is strictly forbidden. This program does not allow the use of direct to merchant pay per click (DTM PPC) promotion.

    How do you sign up?
    Please click on this LINK to sign up to the Affiliate network if you are not a current Affiliate. For those Affiliates already with, please log into your account and enroll today.

    As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this program or in general. Thanks for the support.

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    Affiliate Nation;
    It was a pleasure meeting everyone at Affiliate Summit, I hope all the people who attended the party had fun.

    I wanted to remind everyone about our hot TaxACT campaign; this campaign is breaking all kinds of records since it went live last week. So if you want a piece of this hot pie, please click on this LINK to sign up today.

    As always, thank you to the wonderful folks who continue to support

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    Affiliate Nation;
    IRS now accepting e-file Returns: Consumers can now file starting Today with TaxACT Online.

    By e-filing your returns with TaxACT Online, consumers can:

    *Receive their refund in as few as 8 days with e-file & direct deposit, rather than the 3 - 4 weeks it takes for paper returns.
    *Get the most accurate return. The error rate for e-filed returns is about 1%, compared to 20% for hand-filed returns
    *Receive quick electronic confirmation from the IRS within 48 hours that your return has been received.
    *Save themselves the hassle of mailing paper tax forms. File a completely paperless return by using an electronic signature.

    Sign up for the hottest running campaign on by clicking here. Already a Affiliate, then log into your interface and enroll Today.

    As always, thanks for the continuous support.

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