Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce The Perfect Pushup affiliate program!

Program Highlights:

* 10% commission
* Commission duration 30 days
* BYOL available

The Perfect Pushup is America's best-selling line of fitness equipment. Perfect Pushup was founded by a US Navy SEAL who designs fitness products using the latest in biomechanics and engineering to help you achieve better results from your workouts. The company's line of products is highlighted by The Perfect Pushup and The Perfect Pullup.

The Perfect Pushup was developed to help people achieve better results from your pushup workouts. Smooth rotating handles accelerate results by engaging more muscles in the arms, chest, shoulders, and back. The Perfect Pushup also helps reduce strain on wrists and elbows, and helps to stabilize and strengthen the shoulder joint.

The Perfect Pushup rotating handles allow your arms to rotate naturally the same way they do when you throw a punch or press up a dumbbell. Works for any fitness level - from beginner through professional athlete.

The Perfect Pullup is a home gym in a hallway. It is the first pullup bar that features rotating handles and adjustable swing arms.


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