Well ... it's shades of 1930 all over ... billionaires are dying like flys.

Suicide is the painless etc, etc, etc. (Theme from MASH playing in the background.)

You have to remember the population of billionaires is relatively small ... today the third one since the Madoff meltdown bit the dust.

I wonder what the Vegas odds are on the totals for 2009.

As Al Jolson used to say: "You Ain't Seen Nuthin, Yet."

Buy EBAY, sell the world. Darn, they don't have an ETF for the world.
Guess we will have to make do and do and more do ... and eventually
as the do piles up it will be done.

You will be surprised when you get here for the Summit. Vegas is
empty ... CES traffic will be 25% less than they posted. You can 50%
discounts on rooms ...the day before CES ... now that is really news.

Also, you had better bring a good jacket and some gloves, it's been in
the 30's every night this week ... and it is a biting dry cold when the wind
kicks up ... chapstick and moisterizer is recommended if you don't want to
get freeze dried.