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    First Time at Affiliatee Summit!
    I just wanted to start this thread for people who are attending the affiliate summit for the first time. I'm in Las Vegas and I can say that it is pretty overwhelming. I didn't realize how large of an event it was going to be. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and to meeting affiliates while I am here. I attended the Mentor meet up a couple of hours ago which was very good. Please share your experiences as a first timer at the affiliate summit.

    I would like to meet up with anyone who is interested. I would love to share the program that I am currently managing with any of you.

    Good Luck to all of us first timers!

    Chris Miquel

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    You are absolutely correct. As a first timer, its absolutely overwhelming. There is something going on every minute. You are always meeting new people and they are all very open to meeting new people.

    The speakers are great, and its full of great information.
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    Care to give us a hint on what's going on there? Can't figure out anything about this "affiliate" thing. It's great that you took the time to share what you have learned...that's rare nowadays. Considering the stiff competition.

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    Overwhelming is an appropriate word. But in a good way... information and ideas are flowing and contacts are being made. Definitely will have to take some time to sort through it all when I get home.

    Parties are still going on right now but it's been a long day and I'm going to have to call it night.

    Part of what made it a long day was the lines at the Rio. First to check-in, then they didn't have any rooms ready, then to try and leave your luggage with the bell service, then to go back and try and get your room keys. I was surprised how slow the check-in process was, especially for a Sunday.

    Looking forward to the rest of the Summit and continuing to learn more about this crazy business and how to be more successful in 2009. I'll see you out there!

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