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    Weird experience with Linkshare interface.
    This may not be new to many but I figured I'll tell anyway

    Yesterday I have applied for some merchants I was interested promoting, but when I logged into linkshare today, all the applications were gone! As if I never applied for anything, and so I reapplied again. I also tried to reapply for merchants that linkshare's software automatically denied my site for yesterday, and now some are pending, and the rest automatically accepted my site. I did not change anything for my site that I was applying with to the merchants.

    Did anyone experienced anything similar?

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    Can't say this has ever happened to me, but Linkshare was performing maintenance this weekend (think it was yesterday) - that could explain why your applications may have been lost.

    Also, I still use the old interface - I'm not sure if that would make a difference, but they use separate databases on the reporting side.

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