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    Eluxury closing program? No more ecommerce
    As a follow-up to this thread (reducing cookie duration to less than one day)

    I received an email from Eluxury, and have to read between the lines here. It looks like they are converting the site from an online store (e-commerce) to an online magazine:
    Over the next six months we will be transitioning into an online magazine with an emphasis in luxury markets. The new site will be utilized as a reference for providing information on a wide array of luxury categories. By June of 2009, the e-commerce portion of the site will be replaced with this new focus.

    Please note that we will be conducting business in a normal manner up until this time. Therefore, we will continue to send our weekly banners and newsletters to inform you of our upcoming promotions
    Isn't it more appropriate to announce the program/site is closing? I'm a little confused here... are they going to become a publisher..? Is the program closing?

    I'm reminded of another publisher on LS - they offer pay-per-signup, when they in fact are an affiliate publisher themselves (ready to steal your readers for $1)

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    Eluxury is own by Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton, so they will now just become a reference site for information about luxury merchandise by Louis Vuitton.

    So in 6 months customers will not be able to buy directly from eluxury anymore, but instead will have to go to their main websites (such as to buy luxury items. So it does seem the affiliate program will most likely close. Too bad, I was just thinking about joining their program.

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    I knew Eluxury was LVMH, but didn't realize direct online purchasing was offered on all the individual designer sites. Plus they carried non-lvmh merchandise.

    While it makes sense to consolidate brands on one site, I guess it's a way to eliminate duplication.

    Yes, it's too bad, I agree. They had lots of promise for me..

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    Alternatively they might remain as a broad focused site and switch to an advertising focus for revenue generation rather than just being a doorway for LVMH


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    advertising focus for revenue generation
    I was wondering the same thing, perhaps a broader publishing initiative.

    I plan to play it safe, and will discontinue all promotion in the next few weeks.

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