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    I have a person who purchased an item and it probably will not be what they need. They e-mail me and asked me to cancel the order. Any help is appreciated.




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    I'm assuming you're an affiliate so tell them to email/call the actual merchant. I get stuff like this from time to time

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    Doug, in addition to Trust's comment, I would also ask for specifics on the order and give the aff manager a headsup. It makes our job easier when an affiliate gives us some detail so we can manully track down that order with customer service before it is shipped. Once we get the ofiical notice from the customer, we can usaully cancel the order much more efficiently.

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    I get these pretty frequently.

    If it's obvious that the customer hasn't contacted customer service yet, I direct them to the merchant's customer service department. That's customer service's job, and they normally do a good job with it.

    If they've tried to get the problem resolved, I get an order number from the customer and let them know that I'm going to talk to my marketing contact to see if they can help. I then forward the email to the affiliate manager and ask them to look into it or have customer service look into it. Most affiliate managers are REALLY GOOD about getting things resolved and appreciate the opportunity to make a bad situation with a customer better.

    If customer complaints are too frequent, or if a significant portion of them are not resolved in a timely manner, I remove the merchant from my site. I've only had to do that a few times.

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