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    Springfield, Missouri, USA
    Cat lovers in Springfield Missouri?
    Odd request, I know. My daughter and her husband have to be out of their house through the first week in May because of a housing "rehab" project that will virtually rebuild their home.

    That's the good news. The bad news is they have a cat who's 7-8 years old (I think) and they cannot find friends or family who can care for it the next 4-5 months or so.

    She's an "only cat" and so hasn't learned to play well with others.

    My daughter and her husband are staying with his mom, since she has room for them, and for their dog -- but they can't keep the cat with them.

    We have a 13-year-old cat ourselves who would rather fight to the death than allow another cat in our home. *sigh*

    So, I thought, just in case some of you live in or near Springfield, Missouri, and would be willing to take in a cat ...

    I absolutely hate for her to lose her cat because nobody can take care of it a few months.

    Generate more fake news.

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    Hey Gary,

    Do you have any rescue groups in the area?

    Usually they have a list of volunteers who look after animals they are placing. Maybe they'd have someone willing to take the cat in on a temporary basis -- especially if you offer a small donation ;-)

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    If my daughter sees your post she would immediately jump at the chance. and she would say 'awwwwww!' She would take in all animals if we let her.

    Maybe a temporary animal shelter?

    Hope that she finds a nice home!

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    Aw crud Gary! If I lived closer, I sure wouldn't mind. *hug*

    Of course, once Vallory (daughter) got ahold of it, y'all might not get it back. She and Oreo (our cat) play hide and seek.... hilarious to watch.... Oreo loves to wait until she's behind the couch.... then he jumps up behind her and swats her on the butt.... She also tried to paint his toenails pink (poor guy) and is insisting that he'd love a dog sweater she found at the store tonight.... Your daughter's poor cat would probably pull a Milo and Otis and travel cross-country just to get back home and away from her.... LOL

    Yeah.. I think I'd start with my vet first and then call the local shelter.... someone would probably be willing to "catsit" for a few months if your daughter and her hubby provided cat litter and food for that time. I'm sure one of them can point you in the right direction.

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    I'd suggest asking at local Petsmarts and Petcos, especially on days they have adoption groups in - some cat lover amongst the employees and rescuers (as KirstenM said) may be happy to care for the kitty.

    A few years back at our local Petsmart we got to know one of the checkers who's other job was as a cat sitter, but others there were dog and/or cat fanatics who would care for pets sans charge.

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    Update: Good old mom and dad are gonna give it a try. We only live about 6 blocks from where our daughter works, so she'll come by every day to spend time with the cat, take care of litter box chores, etc. We have a room we can confine kitty to the first few days until she's willing and able -- hopefully! -- to get along with our cat.

    Both wife and daughter have assured me it'll work. And since wife and daughter are the two smartest people I know, as well as extremely savvy about pet things, I'll go along with it.

    Of course, if wife and daughter are wrong, it could be a long 3-4 months. Then I'll look this thread up and try some more fall-back positions.

    Thanks to all for your suggestions.
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    oops just started to post and saw yours writerguy was gonna suggest what AffiliateHound did cos our local Petsmart has one of those animal hotels in it.

    Hope it works out

    Milo and Otis
    one of my favorite movies lol used to watch it with one of my nieces over and over and over again. Think she knew it by heart Was an awfulllllly cute movie, still have it lol

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