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    I have a new website, and now questions with getting business
    I created a very unique web site that is the worlds first and only of it's kind.

    I'd like to start getting more traffic.

    I currently run Jrox's affiliate manager. Open to running others too.

    There's so much on this forum that I'm a bit lost.

    -Is there a place that I should post my web site here to announce my site so others can join? The top forum looks like I should use it, but reading the sticky post, I'm not sure. I want to start out on the right foot.

    -What's the best way for me to sign up affiliates for sales only commission without coming out of pocket for up front fees?

    -There a primer or way to get up to speed without reading thousands of posts? I've read the common definitions thread. very helpful.


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    nice! that answers #2 and #3 for me in 1 swoop!

    that's a great thread. It should be stickied in the newbie section for newbs like me hahah

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    Quote Originally Posted by DetroitLoanGuy
    I created a very unique web site that is the worlds first and only of it's kind.

    I'd like to start getting more traffic.
    Patience will pay off. Don't get discouraged and stay with it.

    Keep building out your site, add content and try to get links from other sites that relate to your niche. If your niche is being searched for, you'll do great and traffic will start to flow soon enough.

    Being here at ABW will help you a lot, too. Keep reading and learning. Good luck!

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    very good advice!

    I'll have to add this website to my daily list of refreshes! hahahha.

    My site is doing well so far. I'm averaging $2000/month profit in the 5 months i've opened. But it could be a lot more with proper marketing. I'm a web developer with a great idea and good timing. Just need better marketing

    My web site is my first great idea brought to life. You know we all have ideas (man if I had the time to make this or do this, it'd make me rich) ? Well this is the first one in my life that I've done, and it's working better than expected so far.

    But I'll be the first to admit that I'm no marketing guru. That's why I'm here. To learn from you gurus!

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    Congrats on the good start.

    You can get traffic though both paid and organic ways.

    These strategies will work to get visitors to your site or to attract affiliates to work with you.

    I think the best paid way is to become familiar with pay per click (ppc) marketing. It takes some time to figure out, but it allows you to target people exactly when they are looking for you or your service. You can track your results and ROI very easily.

    In terms of free organic strategies, this involves networking yourself and your site to get attention, links, and visitors. There are a ton of strategies for doing this so I won't get too into it now since I have no idea of your goals.

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    Hey DetroitLoanGuy,

    Good to see others from Detroit here. Congrats on your success, could it have anything to do with the fact that everybody in Detroit probably needs a loan right now, LOL? If you're a sports fan there is a pretty good sports and fitness section here you might find useful to vent your frustrations about the Lions as well.

    Anyways, I'm pretty new here myself but one thing I can say is that you are in the right place. You can learn a lot real quick by reading and learning from the many great people here.

    Normally I would say to look at what your competition is doing but you said that your site is one of a kind so I'm not sure if that will help at all. You might look at some other related topics, look at who promotes them well and try to contact them. Make sure your affiliate program is affiliate friendly with good payouts and tracking. If you don't have a page for your affiliate program on your site, it would be good to do that as well. You may also want to post your program on other sites like and Social networking is huge right now too (i.e. Facebook & Twitter).

    Those are the best things that I know to do for free. Other than that I would definitely recommend announcing your program in this forum and joining a reputable affiliate network like ShareASale to kickstart your program when you have the money. Hope this helps and good luck!

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    I would maybe start out by doing some keyword research using google's keyword tool. I would look at the volume some of the second tier keywords are getting and do some PPC with those keywords.

    If you go after the big keywords that everyone else is going after, you will pay way more than you should for your first campaign.

    Getting affiliates is going to be a little trickier.... You need to scope out some good prospects and approach them with either a phone call or a very polite email telling them about your product. You should make it as personal as possible.

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