Hey - Just wondering if anyone here has worked with web2carz. They are fairly new to cj.com. I started with them and did ok, but i am considering dropping them soon for several reasons

1) they lowered their payout from $6.25 to $4.00 (also, as soon as they lowered their payout i my conversions suddently plummetted... which seems odd. Am i being paranoid, but how does one's conversion rate suddenly plummed one day by about 7% points?)

2) there is a phone number posted on the site! (apply by phone) and no phone tracking

3) I didnt quality for the performance incentive which stated that for actions above 100 one would get 10% -- well the merchant says that invalid transactions lowered my total below the 100. This could be entirely true, but I have no way of knowing! And i just don't feel comfortable with that.

Any suggestions as to who else to work with. I am in the bad credit auto loan niche.

What has your experience been thus far??