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    How to contact a deactivated program's affiliate manager?
    I've gone thru a bunch of threads and made a bunch of searches but can't seem to find the answer....altho have a feelin it's in here somewhere. Must be just deliberately hiding from me. lol

    Not gonna beg lol but there's a program here that I joined close to the beginning when I started. I didn't get enough sales I guess so got deactivated. (definitely hadn't done any bad stuff ) Would like to now maybe send some better targeted visitors to them and would like the opportunity to rejoin their program. I know.....lottsa other programs I could join. lol but I really liked this particular one

    Realize to go into the deactivated list to get info but they don't list any email or info in order to contact em. So......anybody know of any other way to find out that info or guess if that fails will try just contacting the network people. Anybody know that email address?

    Thanks ahead of time to anybody helpin me out

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    I don't know if you'll get a generic answer, but if you name the merchant, chances are someone here will know who it is. (Maybe ask to move this to Inner Circle?)

    Or, you could pm a couple of the ams or opms here who seem to know everybody in the am biz.

    edit: better thought- email the Google Affiliate Network Rep or Larry Adams

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    Same happened to me last month - I was deactivated & wanted back in (just didn't get around to promoting, not realizing a datafeed had been implemented)..

    I sent an email to GAN general support, asking them to forward to the merchant. In the note I specified the reasons why I should be reactivated. Within a week, I was accepted into the program again.

    If you state the reasons to GAN support, it should get passed along to the AM

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    Thank you both very much I did email them this morning, if no luck will contact Larry Adams. Just didn't wanna pester him bout somethin little like this if I could find out the info myself. If I can't, will or will name the merchant. Thanks again

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    Feel free to email or PM me at anytime with the specific advertiser name.

    Thank you,


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    Thank you very much I'm not used to this nice treatment lol Don't believe I've ever contacted the network before (have individual ams but not the network specifically) At some other networks that I won't be nasty and name lol I'd still be waitin for an answer.

    Was just coming here to post that altho I had just sent an email this morning with my question I just got back a reply already. Seems the program I was interested in no longer even has a program anymore.

    Anyway, thank you very much for responding to my post and saying it was ok to email ya or pm ya. Appreciate it very much.

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