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    Links > Newest > All Advertisers > Export Text Links
    On the GAN interface, you can go to Links > Newest > All Advertisers and then click the Export Text Links icon. This gives you a flat text file in comma delimited format with the following fields.

    Start Date,End Date,Link Name,Link URL,Banner URL,Link Comment,LID (Link ID),Link HTML

    Is there a way to correlate the "LID" to an advertiser name?

    Don't you think it would be helpful to include a column for Advertiser Name?

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    Seymour, I was going to offer to send you an excel file with fields for Merchant Name and another with Merchant ID..

    But, I just pulled up the report you mentioned and not only does it NOT have the Merchant Name anywhere, it also DOESN'T have a Merchant ID field...

    How is anyone supposed to use this report without a Merchant ID field?
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    I have verified your results and will contact product management. That is a valid request. There is no way for you to correlate the LID to an advertiser name.

    Thank you,


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