ROLMAO as the liberal Bush bashing crowd get their own 9/11 wake up call. Look for the final GWB coup des gras of his liberal loser opposition. More International NATO type troops joining the and USA forces on the Afgan/Pakistan border. GWB herded Bin-Laden's -Al-Quada and Taliban into Pakiland on purpose. So here comes the big showdown on terrorism.

9/11 cries out for GWB to crush the perps who planned and executed 3000 Americans and International workers in NYC. Crunchtime is on Pakistan to either be with us or harbor Bin-Laden. I think GWB will justify to the world, and get Musarrif to look the other way allowing the USA and the Paki army to attack the Tribal regions to root out Bin-Laden. Watch for normal Iraquis to start executing, where they find them, foreign Jehadis in their towns and booting their families out of Iraq. As to today Iraq is for Iraquis. Bad day for liberal Bush Bashers who hang their heads in shame as the GWB glare focuses in on Bin-Laden.

Mike & Charlie ...

If they won't adopt and feed a bird ..flip them one! BBQ some Gator and remember to flush WhenU..