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    Cool Democrats sneak Net neutrality rules into 'stimulus' bill
    Oh Noes ...
    Democrats sneak Net neutrality rules into 'stimulus' bill


    "But it always seems to happen. Last fall's TARP bailout bill included IRS snooping. A port security bill included Internet gambling restrictions; the Real ID Act was glued onto a military spending and tsunami relief bill; a library filtering law was attached to a destined-to-be-enacted bill funding Congress itself.

    It's enough to make you want to force our elected representatives to actually read the bills they pass. "


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    From what I understand, the idea of "net neutrality" is the idea of making sure that internet users can access whatever sites they want.

    I would imagine that the big television networks and cable companies would like to keep their monopoly over what people have access to as they do now on television.

    Personally, I can't wait for the convergence of the internet with our television screens.

    The one "History Channel" should have to compete with the tens of thousands of history sites online.

    The few shopping channels on television should have to compete with the millions of shopping sites/channels that can be found online.

    I don't want my cable internet company offering me a "line-up" of websites I can visit.

    And yes, we need more transparency and accountability in our political process.

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    I personally have issues with "anything" thats sneaked in ..

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    Sneak...??? The democrat controlled house and Senate has given out over 1.7 trillion tax payer dollars in 2008 with no oversight. Now they want 350 billion walking around pocket cash for Obama to go with their initial down payment of 850 billion he can sign for on Feb 15th. With this kind of money with no oversight the democrats have no need to sneak in anymore pork projects as they're wallowing in freshly printed money. What a joke they won't push more government controls on individuals and small businesses as the Chicago style politics of speading cash around to play the game begins.

    Unions line up and every liberal newspaper wants billions to keep on printing their propaganda and they are morally bankrupt with no readership due to years of biased lies passed out as truth. Then they come up with some cutsie name for bombing/muzzling conservative talk radio into oblivion since no one wants to tune into any liberal talk radio show like bankrupt Air America. There goes the first amendment too.
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