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    Declined First. How to Get back
    I was automatically declined application for one of the CJ affiliate programs. Now after I talked directly with the affiliate manager, she wrote back saying that the email was our acceptance to the program and now we may use their banners and links.

    But when I login back, the status still says 'Declined Application' against the advertiser. How should I proceed here? Any ideas...

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    I would just write back the AM and tell her what you posted here..

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    Oh ya.I've done that. But I was just trying to see if I was missing something here (since I am new to CJ) or am I actually still not permitted in..

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    They must either go back and accept you through the CJ system, or send you an offer through CJ. Either way, you can't access the banners until they do. And even if you did manage to post any links or would be working for free without tracking.

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    It sounds like that AM might not be too experienced... I work with CJ and there's a big difference between the two emails. There's also enough of a difference between where to look to see if you were really accepted or not, or if you fit an "auto decline" parameter.

    Not to say that CJ never fowls up every once in awhile, but stay on the AM to do the work for you in finding out what the problem is.

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    Definitely contact the AM again. Make sure she has your account information (name and number from the upper left-hand corner of the CJ screen) so that she can approve the right account.

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