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    What is time frame from "Low Funds" to "Temporarily Offline"
    Wasn't sure how to actually word my question. Will start by sayin that I am tryin reaaaaaalllly hard to be patient with a particular program but am tryin to determine fairly if the situation can be avoided or not.??

    So.....if a merchant is on "Auto Deposit" but still keeps goin temporarily offline, when they are listed as bein "Low funds" are they aware of that or do they only get notified when they've actually gone offline??

    In the past I have discovered they've been offline several times, have emailed them from SAS interface and then they've gone back online soon afterwards. So, I have been very patient Only problem is that it keeps happening and happening.

    Am only guessin, but would think they could avoid this by having a larger amount of funds in their account. Am even gonna give em the benefit of the doubt that they may not be able to afford to do that.

    So, given that scenario. Is a program notified when they get to the "Low funds" status?? I figure if they are but ignore it and prefer to just go temporarily offline...... then my patience is probably gonna dwindle fairly quickly.

    Am tryin to be patient with them and am tryin to be fair I would like them to remain on my site.....but am reaching the conclusion if they can't manage to stay online.....then maybe I should just remove em.

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    It should be set up on auto-deposit. Otherwise, the timeframe depends on what dollar level they have set the threshold at vs. the commissions paid on an order. If the threshold is set too low, only a few commissions will wipe it out, and it will go offline. It will stay off until they make a deposit.

    And, yes, the merchant and the affiliate manager are notified as soon as funds are low (i.e. hit the threshold they have set).

    I have put my own credit card in sometimes to back up a merchant so that they never go offline. You can have two in the system. I have only seen the SAS system not work properly one time to keep an auto-deposit merchant online, and it was corrected quickly.

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    Low funds triggers an email, but links still work. Yes, we get sent an email, but it depends on the merchant as to who gets that email. And auto-deposit merchants can go offline if the auto-deposit amount doesn't get them back over their threshold (if there is a very large order). Multiple deposits aren't triggered. That can sometimes cause a problem.

    If it is a specific merchant, tell them they need to increase their limits if they expect to keep you as an affiliate. If it is a bunch of merchants, they must not be paying attention or might be having more sales than they expect.

    Sometimes I think a merchant that *isn't* autodeposit is better because they *need* to check their balances and make regular deposits

    Autodeposit is a plus, don't get me wrong, but it has limitations that both affiliates and merchants may not understand.
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    Thank you Jack and Loxly for answering my question Appreciate it very much.

    "I have put my own credit card in sometimes to back up a merchant so that they never go offline."

    Yeap, I'm aware of a couple of my other affiliate managers who have done that, also. Majority of my merchants I don't have this problem and the few times it has happened I was probably emailing em at the same time they were bein notified lol cos it got back online very quickly.

    This particular program the merchant is also the affiliate manager.

    "Low funds triggers an email, but links still work."

    Yeap, I'm only finding out when they're goin offline cos I'm getting the invalid links coming up. Admit tho I don't go checking that every day. (realize I probably should make time to do it but haven't) Most of my traffic I think comes from search results so when I know I'm gettin specific visitors but nothin's happening is when I go and check.

    "If it is a specific merchant, tell them they need to increase their limits if they expect to keep you as an affiliate."

    Umm ... the amount of times I've contacted them they should be probably thinkin that now. lol Maybe they just don't care?

    Not sure this will make sense lol but if somebody has 1,000 sales for em in a day, it may not matter to em that they were offline for a couple hours that day since they got the 1,000 sales anyway. But.....if I'm not gettin any sales that day but happens that I am gettin specific searches bein made during those couple hours and the visitor's gettin an invalid link, that matters to me.

    Thought they were good so I have tried to be patient and if I had like 1,000 visitors lookin for somethin generic probably wouldn't matter as much but the visitors I'm havin are fairly specific so my patience is kinda wearin thin. They've been the only merchant I've had for their products so doesn't look good to have invalid links I wouldn't think

    I'll give em 1 more chance and take your suggestion. Then I guess will have to drop em if they don't correct the situation.

    Thanks both of ya again From your answers you've reassured me that I have been patient and fair to em so I've been reasonable expecting this to not keep happening. If they're aware of the low funds it shouldn't keep gettin to the point of goin offline so much.....and especially not bein taken care of immediately then when that does happen.

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    To help prevent this in the future, the merchant/manager can set up additional people to get the emails warning of low balances, etc. They may not realize that they can do this in ShareASale. Here is how:

    Log in to SAS > click on "Edit Settings" (under "Account Settings") > Scroll way down to "Additional emails" (on the left) > Click on "Click to manage additional emails" (in blue on the right) > a new page opens with a box labeled "Additional email" > enter the email address of the backup person > select "Low Balance Notifications." Then be sure to click on "Update Settings"

    Hope this helps.

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    There's another thread on ABW about off line merchants but just wanted to say this one more time:

    When a merchant goes off line, they are removed from my site ASAP(probably all other serious affiliate sites, too). It's rare that they go back due to lack of trust and time restraints. Merchants, if you show low funds and go off line, you're killing your chances with serious affiliates. Pay attention to your account. It will pay off.

    I enter into an affiliate partnership in good faith. When a merchant doesn't hold up their end of the bargain (by maintaining their program in good standing), it causes bad feelings and will taint your reputation.

    Merchants, you also need to realize that when we promote you on our sites, if links are not working because you're offline, this hurts our sites as much as it kills any potential sales that could have been made. If my visitors are clicking on a link that doesn't work, it makes me look bad and I don't allow anyone to mess with my reputation.

    We want you online and with a healthy program. This is a 2 way street and everyone needs to hold up their end of the bargain.

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