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    Exclamation Benefit Have your heard of them?
    Hi All,

    I was looking at my Analytics reeport and I noticed a spoke in traffic. It was due to google organic but something caught my eye. Benefit Bar, 20 hits for the last week.

    http: // search.benefitbar DOT com/benefitbar/home/sample_toolbars.php

    Anybody heard of them? Know of them? I do not think that they are in our SAS program as I have searched high and low for them to remove them.

    All information is confidential and there is no SPYWARE, ADWARE , TRACKING or POP-UP'S.

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    Looks like the Johnny Appleseed of toolbars.
    From what I can see it's the same model as FreeCause which is tied to OneCause.

    Looks like a tsunami of toolbars on the horizon.

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    In good times, merchants might not notice the additional costs of partnering with these commission magnets but when every dime counts, these leeches can mean the difference between making it and chapter 11.

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