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    Are The Job Sites On CJ On The Dark Side?
    It seems, as of late, with unemployment skyrocketing, job sites would do well.

    But that does not seem to be the case with CJ job merchants.

    Overall, I did some big time coin in 2008 for this niche ... however, lately it's dropped off the cliff ... the site has not changed, the traffic is all generic SE, - about 400 to 600 visitors per day to the page, with a 5% click thru rate per recommendation to go there to look for jobs. Overall, the CTR as a whole is about 20% of the total traffic.

    Now I have none of the usual garbage traffic I use going here. And no, PPCSE traffic. I averaged 3 sales per day in 2008 ... now it's zip for 2009.

    I could see a drop off but ZERO says one thing ... the darkside has descended on the niche .... anyone having a similar experience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by net4biz
    I averaged 3 sales per day in 2008 ... now it's zip for 2009.
    Are you talking about sales (ResumeRabbit or ResumeEdge), or leads ( job applications)?

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    Same thing in my book ... conversions. Some are leads, some are sales. It was about half sales and half leads ... sometimes it tilted one way, sometimes the other. Some of the sales were pretty good pops from merchants buying job listings in bulk.

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    With the economy, you would think conversions would be up and not down.

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    I use several job posting merchants (leads programs) and conversion rates seem to be down so far this month.

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    most seem to be doing good.

    any job site merchant affiliate manager here?
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