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    Great word > Tchotchke or טשאַטשקע
    (originally from a Slavic word for "toys" (Polish: cacka, Russian: цацки)), adapted to Yiddish טשאַטשקע tshatshke, trinket, are small toys, knickknacks, baubles, trinkets or kitsch. The term has a connotation of worthlessness or disposability, as well as tackiness, and was long used in the Jewish-American community and in the regional speech of New York City.

    Found it in a piece by Peggy Noonan in reference to all the crap being sold in Washington, DC this week.

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    Back in the day when Christopher Lowell a designer on Discovery Channel with a flair for decorating and words, that was when I first heard the word. He was so fruity, funny and talented and would say it with such flair and a lisp.

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    Years ago we used to refer to all of the trinkets that we got at trade shows as Tchotchkes.

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    Should you potchkey too much with your tchotchkes you wind up ongepotchket.

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    I think this word made it onto a Seinfeld episode or two
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    Not only friends. It made its way to Will and Grace
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    My Grammy used to use it all the time for KnickKnacks she had on her wall
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