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    Where to host videos
    I have some "historic" videos that I've digitized about a subject of one of my websites (via cine film copied onto VHS!). I am in the process of snipping them up and editing them.

    The question is that when I have them ready to upload, would I be better to host them myself, or to upload them to Youtube or similar and then embed them in my site?

    Any pros/cons that I haven't thought about?

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    Let YouTube host them. Optimize the title and descriptions of your vids and you might get a lot of good traffic/exposure as a bonus (for your own site/company name, that is)

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    I agree with Gary. And check out TubeMogul if you want some more free distribution to places you might not have heard of. If you can get some traffic back to your site with them, you get a double benefit.
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    3,810 make some dough

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardwareGeek make some dough
    I didn't know they were still around...

    I agree with Tricia on the TubeMogul thing - you upload it once and it distributes it to several video sources. That's probably the best way to get the most traffic out of it.

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    have you tried viddler?

    You may also want to check out They have a feature that lets you put pop-up comments in the videos at specific points. Other users can also leave comments in the vids that way as well. This may or may not be useful for these specific vids, but it's a cool feature nonetheless.

    And, I'll second (or third) the idea of checking out tubemogul. If you are looking to get your video out to "the masses", create accounts on a bunch of video hosting sites and then use tubemogul to upload it once and let it do the rest. VERY handy!

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