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    Exclamation OpenDNS is blocking cj clickthroughs & maybe others!!!
    Lots of errors and dropped links have been showing up on some of our logs w/regard to cj links that utilize in the clickthrough process, so I started doing some digging.

    We use as a security anti-phishing measure on our network and it is now blocking cj servers such as
    When doing cache checks, NONE of the DNS pointers will resolve through their worldwide internet caches!
    Results for
    United States
    New York, New York, USA Palo Alto, California, USA
    Seattle, Washington, USA Washington, DC, USA
    Chicago, Illinois, USA
    London, England, UK

    None of our locations could resolve this domain.
    Try "Refresh the cache" first. That will fix problem #1 below.

    Four possibilities:

    1. Domain was recently moved and the new address has not propagated.
    2. Domain does not exist in DNS.
    3. Domain's nameservers have problems, temporary or otherwise.
    4. There is a problem with a record on OpenDNS servers.

    and they/various users appear to have identified as a spyware site among other nasty things in their system. It's not spyware, it's a pixel click through counter from my understanding. That is disastrous as it means aff links will not clickthrough -- according to the submit tab: "If the community agrees, the domain is added into the OpenDNS content filtering system." which means it will be blocked. has been blocked by OpenDNS because there are at least 2 approved submissions.

    CJ and other affiliates MUST contact Open DNS to insist they remove cj servers like from their overall system.

    Their blocking tactics mean even more loss of affiliate income as cj links continue to be flagged as 'adware' and 'spyware' by sites and services like OpenDNS. Are there any lawyers aboard who would consider pursuing a strong letter (as a first step) by any chance?

    Sorry to be the bearer of more bad news, but it's also vital information that we affs (and CJ, other affiliate managers NEED to take action upon).

    It's unfair for OpenDNS to block ALL affiliate links as opposed to specific spyware/adware SITES.

    Can we get some CJ response / action to this please?
    some of this stuff sucks

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    What links do you have that are still using that domain? They stopped using that domain for affiliate links at least 2 years ago because of blocking issues.
    Deborah Carney

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    Is that the only one? I still have some old ones up, might as well switch out. And the blocking issues can happen with the new ones or any for that matter. Not too hard to add them to any program and not too hard to figure out either.

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    Another domain is tagged, as well (here).

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    This guy has been tagging many of CJ's domains as "Adware". If you have an opendns account, log in, and vote "No" for the Adware classification this guy has made on all CJ domains (including

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    The problem is that CJ is an adware supporter ... always has been, probably always will be ... The other problem is that affiliates are always stuck in the middle between
    the networks and the merchants ... Also, more BHO, data miners and out right adware has been made deliverable by CJ. If you got the whole list of CJ affiliates, the top
    earners would all be parasites.

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    Yeah, that really is the problem... can't exactly say the guy tagging the stuff is wrong.

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