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    I really hate Alexa. It seems to easy to fix, but they just let it roll on with crappy, insufficient, and inaccurate data. However, it's free and people tend to use it for this reason alone, even though it's so awfully inaccurate.

    I'm looking for free or paid alternatives that could offer us better comparision tools between our site's traffic and other sites.

    Anybody have any ideas?

    Andrew Edmond
    CandlePeople Affiliate Manager

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    There are a couple out there. Medix Metrix
    Nelison (sp), etc.

    You can call these guys and say your interested in the product and you get some info for free. This is a pricey product though -- about 10K a month. You'd be better off posting is in the AM section because a solo act really does not need this type of service.


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    Amazon have been "tinkering" again too, as a result a lot of the site reviews have vanished. In the case of the infamouse spammers/scammers this has been very bad indeed as Amazon is giving prominence to fake positive reviews rather than the real negative ones

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