Hi all,

Would you be interested in having an exclusive [iolo Technologies] coupon made up for your website? [With an exclusive coupon code e.g. if your website/blog is named Website.com we could make the code for the exclusive coupon: "WEBSITE", or whatever coupon code you'd prefer].

If you want to take part in this campaign, please send me an email [James.Nardell at iolo dot com] requesting an exclusive coupon with the following details:

1. Your name, and Linkshare SID or Username. [If you're not already signed up drop me an email and I will offer you an 'ABW exclusive' term through Linkshare].

2. A brief outline on how you will market the coupon i.e. where on your website/blog you will place the coupon.

3. Let me know which product you would like to have an exclusive coupon made up for:

- System Mechanic Pro
- System Mechanic
- Search and Recover

4. Let me know what coupon code you would prefer [it has to be a mix of letters and/or numbers; a-z, 1-9].

FYI You must commit to giving the coupon good exposure on your website and [ideally] pushing 500 clicks or more through the promotion.

Please get in touch with any questions/comments.