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    Question How do u get on wordpress blogging ?
    do u have to have a site for wordpress ?

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    you can get at wordpress[.]org

    some hosters like godaddy and 1and1 will do auto installs too

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    You can get it through Wordpress, but I think it's better to get one through host. Also, it is always better to have your own domain unless you just want to do a casual blog.

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    there are rules with a blog... always check the rules first if going with a hosted blog.

    Better to get your own site and do it yoruself as others have said.

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    Wordpress offers free hosting for personal blogs. No affiliate links are permitted on their hosting. You would need to buy a domain, pay for hosting and install Wordpress either manually or automatically on your own domain to use it for affiliate marketing. The automatic install is offered by most hosts with CP (ControlPanel) but it usually installs an out of date version that needs updating immediately. If you are thinking of working with Wordpress you should spend time reading through the forums here that discuss Wordpress issues and then go spend a few days reading through the codex pages. You will need to edit many parts of most installs, particularly the .css files. Anyone can do it but it is not point and click type sitebuilding. You need to inform yourself or find out the hard way about spammers, settings, security issues and many other general site issues.

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    I just started a blog with WordPress using bluehost since that was one recommended at It was pretty easy and they're cheap too.

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    I always download the package and install it on the host myself, but that's beacuse I like to customize things more than I probably need to


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