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    HTTP redirect and CJ cookie
    If I have a PHP page, eg: link.php?id=12345, and a database table called Link. id value (12345 in this case) is table's PK. I look up the table to get link's destination, eg: http://www.************/111222333445566 and then use PHP's "header" function to redirect visitors to the destination. Will CJ cookie work properly in this case?

    (Here is just an example, also including redirect like apache url rewrite, HTML redirect, etc)


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    If your final redirect, the CJ tracking link is correct, the CJ cookie will be set.

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    If you want to be 100% sure .. theres a really nice program out there called


    which will show you realtime HTTP Debugging .. .

    so you can see .. from your site, then click, then to merchant site,, and all the cookie information ... etc

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