For those of you who attended Affiliate Summit West, you may have noticed (or heard about) one of our unpublicized promotions: “Did You See My Wallet?” (inspired by a recent Burger King promotion). Members of our team dropped several wallets in locations throughout the conference hall. Unsuspecting “Good Samaritans” were greeted with the following message:

“Hello Good Samaritan!

No need to stop by lost and found, the team wants you to keep everything in this wallet. Also, visit Booth #216 to claim your additional reward.”

The wallet was filled with a few promotional items and everyone who returned the wallet (including a security guard!) received a poker chip (ranging from $5 - $25) as a reward. Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun and returned the wallets!

Pictures featuring the “Good Samaritans” are on page 3 of the photo section of our Facebook group page. Also, once you’ve joined our group, check out the rest of our photos for other fun pictures taken at Affiliate Summit by the team.