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    Wordpress Plugin Question

    I just upgraded my account to the $5/month plan and have a question.

    I will be primarily using the wordpress plugin. How do I control how many
    products are showed on each page of my blog before it paginates to the next page?

    Also, what's the best method to set it up where it pulls a shop into a category/sub-category instead of lumping all the products and displaying them together? It currently is not very manageable for a visitor who is trying to find something in particular.

    Lastly, are there any plans to allow for the plugin to include an auto-drip feature? It would be nice to not have to show all the products from the shops at once - and benefit from the pinging over time.


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    November 18th, 2006
    Another question....

    Is there a way to link up text links within my posts with popshop products? I see when I click the popshops icon, it will insert product images and other feed data - just want a simple way to link my text with the merchant without using another separate plugin.


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