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    I got my first Facebook Spam today
    And now I am ticked off. Some guy emailed me yesterday through FB asking how to make money through Sunshine Rewards. I figured he must have seen my new fan listing or something like that. So I gave him a basic run-down and told him to check our forum for more information. I didn't even send a link--just answered his question in about one paragraph.

    So today he sends me a reponse. Totally canned message with a referral link for a different cash back site!!! Grrr..... I'm going to reiterate to my members not to ever send an unsolicited message about SR to someone. It's not worth it to get new members by having to ruin our name.

    I reported it as spam through the Facebook spam functionality. Hopefully if enough other people do, too, he will get banned.
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    Just your first? *sigh* how lucky you are x

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    I just starting getting random friend requests in my email that didn't seem right. I looked into it and of course the path of clicks leads to a hefty dose fo spam.

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