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    A note to merchants, from a publisher
    I've been participating in some interesting threads lately, and since they have a recurring theme, I want merchants to understand something..

    Merchants are making changes: looking for new sources of revenue, trying to reduce costs by streamlining programs, dropping commissions, reducing cookie length. All because of tough times ahead.. the overall economic slowdown.

    Affiliates are JUST as worried... the slowdown affects us all. Publisher and merchant alike.

    You're cutting costs? Me too
    You're decreasing commissions? I'm promoting the higher % next to you
    You're reducing cookie length? I'm promoting the longer one next to you
    You're looking for new revenue? Me too - private offers, advertising, even moving away from a dependency on CPA

    If your revenue is down, so is ours. I finally have a handle on this crazy business called affiliate marketing, and know what it takes to make money on my sites.

    Good affiliates know how to generate sales for you - instead of making sweeping changes that will alienate the community, why not review your program?

    1) Start by cutting the parasites - they're listed here.
    2) Review your core performers - restructure your program if you need to, but keep them happy (private offers or incentives)
    3) Reach out to your affiliates - give us something to promote; sometimes all we need is a fun banner/widget.
    4) Reach out to more affiliates - try to establish personal relationships with potential performers (ie. high CTR, but low for your program)
    5) Be very careful with 3rd party advertising - you have no right to earn CPM from my traffic.
    6) Don't lie to us - one merchant sent a note saying commissions were being reduced for "select" affiliates; when I asked that my site stay in the other group, I was told it was across the board.

    I don't have time to police how affiliate-friendly a merchant is (point #5) - I will drop a merchant if I suspect my visitor impressions are being counted.

    And personally, I'm currently working with a couple of merchants who reached out recently - it works, trust me. One is getting a 2-wk sticky on my front page for a fab promotion I never would have found in the interface.

    Just my two cents worth.

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    Good post and affiliates should not acccept merchants using the economy as an excuse as some are already doing and introducing leaks.

    And it goes back to what you posted, your affiliate program run the right way and you shouldn't have a problem because the system in which you only pay for actual performance is a beautiful one and works when run correctly. If you're a merchant, think about you having people out there spending their own time and in many cases their own money to send you traffic and sales and you don't have to pay them unless they're successful. How is that not a great channel for merchants.

    Don't accept this we need to add leaks because of the economy nonsense that more merchants will be trying to pull.

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    Teezone, you hit it on the head.

    I wish all of my merchants could take a look at this as a guideline for how to run a successful campaign. Sometimes its difficult to see from a merchant's perspective how they can optimize their campaign. Reaching out to your affiliates is the best way to gauge your program. The affiliate is most likely to know where you stack up against your competitors and how you could better reach your goals. The insight I get from my affiliates is priceless and goes a long way to insuring a high ROI.

    Thanks for the post, Teezone.
    Gabe Goldstein | Ad Desk
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    Email Gabe.

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    I have already deleted one merchant due to this that I was about to start promoting, well, tough they have lost it.... I refuse to send traffic to a site that is itself affiliated to someone else...

    Beth aka 1stAngel
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    Well said teezone. Merchants should remember we always have a choice - not to promote them.

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    Great post Teezone.
    Deborah Carney

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    I agree, very insightful. Well done!

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    true story:
    1. had enough of merchants stealing commission.
    2. 1st of January, I cleaned my sites and replaced merchants with better ones.
    3. Result -> doubled the margins.

    Everyone should do this, it's the best time investment.
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