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    Taking Over the Users Browser
    I must of joined this outfit ( awhile back, I'm not sure why but I just got a newsletter that looks like they want to take over the visitors browser now....
    Now you can get paid for serving invisible ads!

    You place our code on your site but ads dont show up there so you can use it together with other ads. The way you get paid is when your visitors click the back button they will end up at our page with ads. And we only show ads to those visitors who came from search engines so our ads are keyword targeted and that's why we have such high eCPM prices.

    Even if you have a contract to only show certain ads on your site you may still use our code since it will only show ads after visitors leave your site!
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    Oh, your visitors will love that!

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    Dear god that's horrible. That is like when X10 tried to push me to carry delayed pop-ups - don't worry, visitors will blame it on the site they are on, not yours!

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    wow. just wow. one more thing for people to SCREAM about...
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    People pay good money to have their computers cleaned of viruses,trojans and worms an then something like this comes out bold as brass to say they not only do this but they want affiliates to revel in it. Phewy. Phewy to any merchant who knowingly does this sort of thing and phewy to any affiliate that knowingly does the same.
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    boycott any merchant who'd show up on this sleazy adwhore campaign.
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