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    Multiple Market Channels

    I'm new to using market channels on Linkshare. I thought they would work the way CJ's multiple websites do: your individual market channel id is part of your affiliate link, etc. But I deleted a market channel today that belonged to a website I no longer have. I was horrified to find it removed my relationship with the vendor.

    If you have five websites and you want to advertise the same product on all of them, do you have to apply to the program five different times, one for each market channel selected? Or is there a way to use the same vendor relationship for all five websites/market channels?


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    LS's marketing channel is confusing, unnecessary, cumbersome, useless... did I miss any other adjectives. Its not like CJ's multiple websites.

    One marketing channel is enough. You can add links of ur approved merchants to the any of your websites.

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    Aha, well that explains a lot.

    But a question, is there a way to relate which sale came from which website without using marketing channels?


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    One additional question; when you sign up for a new relationship and they want to approve it manually, do they ever look at the url of the default marketing channel? In other words, if I first signed up with but then I started a new website about jewelry and I apply to a vendor that sells jewelry, are they going to see that the url I signed up with originally is for books and therefore not approve me?

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    I know this is an old thread, but the last question wasn't answered.

    It does seem like the merchant will see the URL associated with the marketing channel used to apply to the merchant's program (not the default channel).

    I have had several merchants reject me using my default channel, but then accept me when I used another channel with a URL more closely related to their products.

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