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    deep linking
    hello all,

    Are there any affiliate sites out there that offer "deep-linking" for products?
    I used to use Kolimbo, deep linking was no problem, no hoops to jump through, easy as pie....Now, howerer it seems that deeplinking doesn't exist anywhere.

    I would appreciate any guidance.


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    By "deep linking", do you mean linking to any page or product you want within a merchant's site?

    If so, I have also been disappointed with the lack of deep linking in various affiliate programs.

    I always thought affiliate programs would get better and better each year, but they are still using the same basic technology and links we were using four years ago.

    I thought we would see far more auto-updating links and even wider distribution of custom landing pages by now. When I contact an affiliate manager and ask for links to specific pages on their sites, sometimes it is like pulling teeth. Each program and affiliate manager is different, but overall, I thought the technology and efforts surrounding the affiliate channel would have moved ahead much faster than it has.

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    Most of my sales come from deep-linking. If a merchant doesn't offer a generic "Place Product Name Here" redirect/direct-able link, I would contact the manager and ask for one. I have had few make a link for me.

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    ShareASale and Avantlink have "create a custom link" feature to link to any page on any merchant in their network.

    If I want a product link and the merchant isn't on SAS or Avantlink, I make a link in pop shops and use that link.

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    I really do not understand the question. It's up to the merchant whether they want to allow "deep-linking" to specific product pages or other internal pages, and every major network (and many smaller ones) has the capability to provide this.

    As Rexanne said, ShareASale and Avantlink have "create a custom link to a page", plus, GAN has "Build Your Own Links" for merchants that allow it, CJ has already-build product links under the "Get Links" section, again for merchants that want to have them available, and LS has Individual Product linking available under its "Create Links" section, also again for merchants who allow it.

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