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    A heartbreaking story. Don't leave your kids unsupervised in a running car when its snowing,

    "MONTREAL - A toddler died Monday of carbon monoxide poisoning while her father was digging the automobile out from a snowbank.

    Eric Deslauriers, 29, placed his daughter Annabelle inside the running car while he shovelled. However, the car's tailpipe was blocked by snow, allowing fumes from the exhaust to enter inside the vehicle. The 16-month-old girl passed out, said police spokesman Const. Miguel Alston.

    "The young baby of 16 months was transported to hospital and the doctor from the hospital just confirmed the death," he told 940 News.

    Once the father discovered that Annabelle had blacked out, he pulled her out of the car for fresh air and laid her on her back on the trunk.

    A woman saw what happened, ran across the narrow street and attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

    The girl's grandfather rushed outside with a cordless phone to call 911.

    Only hours earlier the girl and her older sister her happily playing in the newly fallen snow.

    Neighbours said they were stunned by the death.

    "The father was crying and crying," said Patrick Lothian, 16. "He was frantic, trying to get an ambulance to come."

    Police are treating the death as accidental.

    They said the car was old and had a hole in the exhaust system.

    Last year, four children and three adults died in Maryland during a single snowstorm.

    The morning after his daughter died, Eric Deslauriers gave the mother of a four-month-old neighbour a couple of wrapped Christmas gifts.

    "They were supposed to be for Annabelle," he told Dominique Belanger. "Your children can have them now."

    The Canadian Automobile Association warned motorists to take precautions.

    "Make sure the exhaust pipe is clear of snow because otherwise the gases can go into the car," said spokeswoman Claire Roy.

    Asked what message she had for others, the Annabelle's mother said: "My message to parents is: Don't keep your child in a car unattended with the engine running." "

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    That's just heartbreaking and so close to Christmas too...


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    What a horrible, horrible thing to happen! Makes you wonder how the Father will ever find the courage to go on, I just can't imagine being in his shoes.

    Perhaps this story will save the lives of a few others this Winter, but it's a terrible tragedy.

    This past Summer, a school teacher in my metro area forgot her baby was in the back seat of her car, and left the baby in the car all day while she taught school. The temperatures were in the high 90s that day, and the Mother found the baby dead in its safety seat in the back seat when she came out to the car after work. She simply forgot the child was back there that morning. She was recently convicted of second degree manslaughter, but no jail time. She was overworked, stressed out, and thought she'd dropped the baby off at day care...


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    reminds me of a Grisham book, Street Lawyer - a homeless family dies in a running car that gets snowed in... - Make a statement!

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    That has to be the saddest thing I have read in a long time. How heartbreaking

    I will pray that family finds the strength needed to carry on, and enjoy the love of there living children.


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    9,944 very sad. But, thanks for posting it to give others insight to the danger.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SSanf: very sad. But, thanks for posting it to give others insight to the danger. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    I just wanted to bring this to peoples attention as its one of these things we would never think about. It could happen to anybody so please spread the word to family and friends.

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