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    Delphi is located in Lansing, MI
    Advice on finding a book or basic guide
    Our company has just started an affiliate marketing program on ShareASale and I'm hoping to read up on affiliate marketing because we are all still very new to it. Do you have any books or website you would suggest? What did you find most helpful when getting started to help you learn about the industry? Thanks for any insights you can give me.

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    There is & never was any BOOK that I would recommend.
    This fora is THE PLACE
    Use the search function.

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    Just don't pay for the information. You can find a few free ebooks once in awhile, but I agree that doing searches on this forum for anything you want to know or by simply asking your question in a forum thread, you will get the most up to date answers from people who are involved in this industry.

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    Welcome aboard Delphi Glass. One book for merchants and AMs that has been highly recommended is "A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing" by Geno Prussakov who is an OPM and is very active here on ABW. You can find out more info by clicking the link in the title above.

    I'd also recommend taking a look at the Merchant Best Practices Forum. Pay special attention to The Consolidated List of Affiliate Friendly Policies.

    Good luck with your new program!

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    try the "SEARCH" button on this site...the information you will find here is AMAZING!
    Dyan Carlson
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    +1 for Genos book. I still keep it around as a reference!

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    Hello Delphi Glass,

    I agree with Rematt. A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing was my intro to Affiliate Marketing. Depending on your level of online marketing, some things may go over your head the first time you read it. But if you continue to read threads on ABW everyday and go back to reference your book, things will start to click. I'm fairly new as well but I've been on it for a few months now and am definitely the expert at my company (which is not saying much). I try to dedicate some time everyday to read threads here and that helps A LOT.
    A few tips:
    - Read the rules for ABW first and foremost, so you don't get off on the wrong foot with anyone here.
    - Read Geno's book suggested above
    - Daily, try to read threads here in the Affiliate Academy
    - about 99% of all questions you may have, will likely have already been asked and answered, so try to find your own answers here first (it will take longer but you'll learn even more things along the way that you didn't even know, you didn't know)

    I hope this helps!

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    I'll echo the recommendations here that you spend more time reading through the "Becoming a Merchant" and "Merchant Best Practices Forum" (and especially the Consolidated List of Affiliate Friendly Policies), and make liberal use of the "search" function on ABestWeb. Nearly every question you'll want to ask has already been asked and answered multiples times here -- although sometimes you may phrase your search in a way that fails to bring up the answer.

    About 15 months ago, I posted some lengthy affiliate-program advice for merchants on my web site (see my signature, below). It is dated in some ways, but hopefully still useful.
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    If you have appropriate plans and some money you can buy any good ebook or guide however you have to choose the reliable author.

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    Hi Delphi Glass, You are at the right place. You can find information that you need here. I think you should follow Rematt's suggestion and go through Abestweb Merchant Best Practices Forum .

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    Welcome to ABW, Delphi Glass. You have a GREAT site. A looong time ago I used to teach Stained Glass classes and always thought I'd like to get back into the creative part. Can I feel a blog about glass art coming on?

    I, too, will highly recommend the books by Geno: Evgenii Prussakov (a.k.a. Geno in the AM world) - a University of Cambridge graduate, author of "A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing" and "Online Shopping Through Consumers' Eyes" - to help merchants avoid obstacles and enjoy the benefits of affiliate marketing. (Both are available through Amazon.)

    Two questions come to mind...

    1. I see a toll-free number at the top of your home page. Will you be implementing ShareASale's phone tracking code? I wouldn't want to refer a potential customer to your site to have them taken away by a phone call.

    2. What is your stance (policy) on working with "Toolbar" affiliates (i.e., FatWallet, RetailMeNot)? I wouldn't want to refer a potential customer to your site to have them possibly diverted to/through another affiliate site because of a tool bar in their browser.

    Both of those issues would keep me from joining any new program, no matter how interesting.
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    Just a reminder that the book mentioned above consolidated information that was available here at ABestWeb. The book is a handy reference, but all the information it contains is right here.
    Deborah Carney

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    Mark thats great info you have on your page. I think thats almost everything a merchant and an AM newbie needs to know.

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    Hi Delphi Glass
    I very recently joined your program and am very happy to read your post. It's very nice to see a merchant take a real interest in their affiliate program. The advice you've been given in this thread is all very good advice.

    One more good thing you might wanna read is "As an affiliate I hate" and "As an affiliate I love" threads in the Midnight Cafe area of the forum. As the others have said tho in this thread...... The best advice of all is read, read, read as much as ya can here at the forum and you'll learn quite a bit.

    I think the best affiliate managers are here at this forum and they share their knowledge with others. A lotta great affiliates are here too willing to share their knowledge.

    Bill's two questions are very important to affiliates. pssssst he's definitely an affiliate ya wanna have, too in your program it's a really good idea to have the answers he'd like. (the other affiliates want the same answer)

    Bill - I love stained glass, too. Envy you knowing all about it.

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