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    Question from Sale Transactions - No Referral Links
    We are reviewing sales transactions from all our affiliates. We find there is one affiliate we cannot see his banner/link locations for the sales he generated.

    Is Shareasale supposed to record all referral links?

    None of his sales have referral link fields filled. We need to review all sales generated in order to avoid PPC violation.

    We have contacted this affiliate a week ago regarding this issue but get no response.

    Is Shareashare able to help to track it down?

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    They may be using Toolbar!

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    Hi goldfishboy,
    ShareASale provides as much information as we can about a sale, but there are times when we cannot capture the referring page.

    - if it was a cookie-based sale, i.e, the consumer did not complete their purchase when intially referred by the affiliate, but instead came back later within the established cookie duration...we can't capture the referring page.

    - if the link were sent in an email, we wouldn't be able to capture the referring page

    - if the affiliate were intentionally hiding the referring page. This happens a lot when the affiliate is running PPC campaigns and want to protect their intellectual property (i.e, what keywords they're bidding on). Sometimes they may be violating your TM policy, but keep in mind, this is not always the case. They may be legitimately exercising other PPC campaigns and just want to protect their interests.

    You are doing the right thing by asking the affiliate, and hopefully they will respond. If they don't respond, then it is your choice whether or not to keep them in the program. In the meantime, if you would like to shoot me an email with the affiliate's ID, I can see if there's any way that I can assist. ctang at
    ShareASale Client Services
    Y!: SAS_CTang
    e: ctang(at)

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    Thanks Carolyn, email sent.

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