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    grrr Skype, anyone know their way around this stupid programme?
    I have Skype and I usually like it... however I have a major problem and when I email support they send me an auto message which doesnt answer what I have actually asked dagnabit!!!!!

    I blocked someone who was a prat, but unfortunately I banned someone else first, who I had next to them.

    Now that would be ok on any other Messenger service, just unblock them

    Not on Skype it seems. I have tried to find the guy.. he doesn't exist now, I have searched through Skype, he doesn't show up any more, I have tried unblocking but nothing.. He is still blocked but he is not in my block list, in fact he is nowhere on the internet, except I know he is

    At least I also banned the other one and can see them in my ban list *sigh*

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    To unblock on Skype

    Open Skype
    Click Tools and Advanced

    Under Advanced there is "Manage Blocked Users"

    From there you can just unblock them

    If they are not on the blocked list - try a search via email address.
    They may have privacy set and if that is the case they may not appear in searchers by name but I have found people by email address

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