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    Ebay Program Closings
    So I noticed Hong Kong and Singapore Ebay programs are soon to close -- any insider information out there as to the root cause and any word on other programs targeted for closure? I can't see the redundant "it's the economy" because our economy has boosted the overall numbers of folks going online bargain shopping.
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    I would say the rampant cookie stuffing in those regions caused the closures.

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    eBay claims that in order to make the SG and HK sites succeed, they need to have more sellers. So they are going to change their focus for those sites to get more sellers.

    That makes sense to me, since I made maybe $3 from the two sites combined over 6 months, despite having some traffic from these countries.

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    Ebay is adjusting the revenue they get to the times ... the number of sales is about the same, the money per sale is down ... they need more sellers. Without sellers no one makes money.

    What I find totally amazing is that most companies do not use ebay to sell their products or services ... 1.5 million people visit ebay everyday. $120 million changes
    hands everyday ... WHY are you not there to get your share.

    Here is a way for you to profit from these facts as an Ebay affilitate. Contact local businesses. Ask them if they use Ebay to sell their product. Tell them why they should.
    Then offer to come over to their place and set them up. When you get there, use their computer to go click your EBAY link and sign them up. Then bid on a how to do ebay thing for them - so you get credit for the sign up. I usually have them buy Steve McGraths Ebay 101.

    Then put up an auction or two or three for them with a buy it now price.

    Once you have the products or services up on ebay ... then send traffic thru your ebay affiliate link to those specific products respective pages. If some one buys the items you make a commission. Your business owner is happy. You can use Craigslist
    to send them free to you and them traffic.

    Every business you sign up this way, makes you $30 or $40 for the ACRU ... plus commission on the sales. For example, one of my signed up business sold two $810
    units this week ... I made $29 on each one. They were happy campers. So was I.

    If you work at it, once you sign up about 10 guys and continue to send them traffic,
    so you get commissions, it's almost a FREE $2,000 or so per month. And if you hit the mother lode of a real high ticket item that gets sold, you can make that in one day.

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