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    August 4th, 2007
    Cool dhtml drop in box getting too big
    I don't know if changing the stylesheet would help, or just widening....but, now that updates are being added to the editors in Pops I can no longer see the OK or bottoms of the box.....I zoom or change font rendering in my browser and still can only get to the very top of the ok button.........I would think that widening the box would be prudent if there is going to be more stuff added (this is the style box that has the new price stuff)........I think most of us have either high enough resolutions or widescreens that can handle it..................I personally am using Firefox, but I have similar issues in IE was very difficult to update my shops yesterday

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    January 2nd, 2008
    Sorry about that. I didn't run into any issues when testing it, but I'll try and get a fix in place on the next update.

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