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    The ice storm that hit Kentucky Tuesday left the entire state with no power or water.

    My power went out Tuesday and just came back on this morning. The water finally came back yesterday. No water = No Toilets.

    The power co-op that supplies the power where I live said that they finally got power back on for 5,000 customers. I was lucky - I was one of them. They still have 38,500 customers without power and said that it will take them another month to restore power to all of their customers.

    TVA supplies all the power in KY and they lost their main transmission line that supplies all the power in KY to the different power co-ops.

    As their transmission line is repaired in different locations power is slowly coming back a little at a time.

    They estimate there are still one million people in KY that still do not have power, heat, food, and safe drinking water. The temperature in everyone's house is in the 30's - it felt like you were freezing to death you are so cold all the time.

    The roads are packed with people looking for water, food, kerosene heaters, gas cans, heat, gasoline, and generators for their houses, but, there are none to be found.

    I had to drive to Tennessee to find gas, food and water.

    Around here all the trees are down or at least half of the tree branches on every tree are in your yards across roads and etc. We had two inches of ice on all the trees from almost 24 hours of freezing rain, then sleet and snow.

    Thank goodness I finally have power, heat and water again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurgerBoy
    No water = No Toilets
    Let me starve or freeze to death but don't take away my happy toilet!

    Glad to see your back up and running BurgerBoy

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    welcome back burger boy!

    Glad you have some heat and power!

    one million people without power! I hope it comes back soon for them.

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    Sheesh, what a mess! You have my sympathy. The northeast had a similar scenario this winter. We have a well so hubby had to to go out to forage for water so we could flush our toilets. We have a woodstove and plenty of wood so we weren't cold but we evacuated to my MIL's in another county for a couple of days as she never did lose power. Some of the local roads were closed because of downed power lines. We lost a lot of trees on our property that split under the weight of all the ice. One came close to hitting the house but fortunately there was no structural damage. We'll have a lot of cleaning up to do in the Spring when the snow melts. Approximately 250,000 people in NY and New England were without power for up to 10 days. A lot of people will not soon forget this winter.

    Hope things get back to normal for you soon!

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    Sheesh - glad you have power again. A million people without power in February? They'll freeze to death.

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    Hooray for you, BurgerBoy. One of the lucky ones indeed.

    We had the worst ice storm in Southwest Missouri history in January 2007 (this current one hit Arkansas that way just south of us), and I can truly appreciate the gloom and despair of the whole deal.

    We were lucky in our storm -- wife and I were only out of power 3 days; both of our kids' homes were out for 13 days.

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    You have my sympathy too! That 'no water' is the worst thing that makes the rest so bad. Glad to see you're making it back to a civilized condition and I hope the help comes soon for the rest!

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    Glad to hear it's getting better for you. Sounds to me like a frozen hurricane with no wind and hot swapped for cold. Bad for sure.

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    Glad to hear everything is OK

    I'm in Lexington, KY and things are still a little ice covered here, We never lost power but a lot of people across the city did. We've had the National Guard in the neighborhood today, cuting back the fallen trees, and there's a lot of them


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    I live in England.. it grinds to a halt if there's half an inch of snow that lies on the ground for a day.

    They still have 38,500 customers without power and said that it will take them another month to restore power to all of their customers.
    Sheesh. No power, no fuel. Man, that sucks.
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    I'm glad you are okay BurgerBoy

    I like you & your posts very much; I wouldn't want anything to happen.
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    Wow... just wow!


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    Good to have ya back, WOW is right!!!
    Continued Success,

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    Good to hear it's getting better and you're okay. Hope everything quickly returns to normal for everyone.
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    The City of Murray power company got their power back last night so now all of the businesses will be open today - I hope.

    Now we can find gas and food again.

    I got my power before them. I'm on Western Kentucky Rural Electric for my power. Murray is on another system - Murray Electric System.

    I got power the day before they did.

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone.

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    Hey BB, glad you made it through OK.

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    Agree with the others on the "wow" reaaaaally sorry you've had such a rough time these last days. Guess I haven't been payin attention to the news enough, wasn't even aware of it. Sadly this morning I did hear about some of the carbon monoxide tragedies Reaaaaaallly glad you're starting to get at least a teeeny bit back to normal.

    It still must be pretty bad moving around, so please be very careful gettin around. Don't want ya gettin hurt. Hope things improve a lot for you and all the others very soon. Make sure to take very good care of yourselves.

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