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    [HELP] Lost My cheque
    Well, here is the case

    Post Office in my country is not good at all, I lost 2 adsense cheque with them. fortunately the amount on cheque can be recalculated after few months. So, Now I use DHL for delivery and its good.

    same case with my CJ Cheque.
    I should be receive my CJ Cheque twice, but again it never arrived. I Guess this is a post office mistake again. but sadly I don't know can they recalculated again into my account.

    There no DHL Option for delivery. and my country not covered by direct deposit option.

    Is there any way so I can receive my hard work with CJ?

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    Contact Cj support and ask them to cancel your check, they will issue you a new one. Commission Junction do offer FedEx delivery. You need to contact the CJ customer support to subscribe for it.

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    Thank you for your suggest, i'll try to contact them now

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