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    4checks question
    I noticed on your site that 4checks arent the ones who print the checks, and 4checks site is mainly like an inbetween

    Does that mean 4checks is a dropshipper and the companies they work with such as artistic, check crafters etc are they companies who dropship?

    Im trying to get my head around the relationship between 4checks and these companies, and why there is a 4 checks site, if all 4 checks does it direct away to other sites?


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    4Checks is the affiliate marketing entity for all of those companies. They are all manufactured in the same plant and that is where the 4Checks folks reside. I have been on a plant tour and it is a VERY large and impressive place. It is unbelievable the number of boxes of checks being produced.
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    At 4checks we are able to offer the largest selection of checks for every interest imaginable. We are made up of a variety of different brands to cater to our assortment of diverse customers. We print all of our checks at our in-house manufacturing plant and we have it all—from check designs tailored to specific careers, colleges to causes and animals…and much more.

    Kathy-Ann Viau
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