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    Are lingerie sites considered Adult sites
    I was planning to put up either a dedicated site or a storefront on an existing site to showcase lingeries from a GAN merchant. Then it struck me, if it could be considered an adult site. I have a shared hosting plan which has a no adult images on my sites in the toc. Is putting lingerie images on my site going to get me in trouble.

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    That would be a question for your host. If they say "no go" - it's time to find another host.
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    Definitely not speakin with any authority on this lol but I've wrestled with that too for quite a while. My site's definitely considered family friendly (uhhh even have had suggestions to maybe have another more manly type site on accounta the umm cuteness factor I guess lol )

    What I've done is place hmm not sure of wording...guess maybe banners and images that I don't think would offend anybody on my site. Tasteful, maybe that's the word? Lingerie is a fact of life and most women I know of at least have em. I personally don't think it's the same as an adult site but guess it's up to an individual to decide that. As long as we're not talkin nudity or umm whips or somethin showin in the links I think it should be ok.

    Probably might be a good idea to explain to your host what ya had in mind tho if you intend to stay with em with that policy. Don't know what they might be thinking. Am just givin ya a woman's point of view (may be it's just this particular one....others may not agree)

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