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    Recession Shoppers & Coupon Sites

    I came across this article:

    * 68 percent of "recession shoppers" (and 79 percent of "weekly shoppers") purchased something online they wouldn't have otherwise because of a coupon or discount.
    * 64 percent of "recession shoppers" (and 70 percent of "weekly shoppers") said they purchased something from a particular online retailer they wouldn't have otherwise because of a coupon or discount.

    Just wanted to know, those who run coupon sites, have they noticed an increase in traffic recently?



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    Yes, it would appear to be a good time to be in the coupon/deal space as more shoppers are hunting for bargains. Thanks for posting, might be good to share with some of the merchants who are a little less coupon-friendly.

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    I've known this but I will bookmark this thread since there are some people, one in particular that likes to post nonsense about coupon sites and how coupons are low value.

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