I started this as a new thread, because it is a new topic. Similar to others on this board, yet quite different.

Anyone can respond, but I am hoping those merchants associated with affiliates that use "dirty, sneaky, unethical, unmoral, unlawful and evil" marketing tactics to please explain to us all why you would want to be associated with affiliates like this.

I use to manage a retail store in Ocala, Florida for a rather large company. We were very strict or our inventory would walk out the door and our profits and reputations right along with it.

Thiefs were terminated on their first offense. None of this let's give them another chance to steal and see what happens. They were out of there. Most retailers have this policy. If an employee was found to have stolen anything from another employee or customer, they were out the door. No decent company wants to be associated with thieves, nor have thieves working for them. Or those who do thing that embarrass a company.

This "thiefbar", "adware" and "spyware" stuff is no different. Stealing is stealing. Attempted robbery is attempted robbery.

Why would you want to be associated with those who carry on such behavior?

Is money that important as to throw aside all honesty, morals, values and dignity?

The economy is in shambles. Want to know why?

Because greed caused all honesty, morals, values and dignity to be thrown to the side.

Want the economy to rebound? Return to the honest ways of doing business. Bring back the morals, the values and the dignity.

Most importantly, never sell your soul to the devil or a bad affiliate for a few extra sales.

It just ain't worth it.