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    Thoughts on PayDotCom
    I've seen almost nothing about PayDotCom on the forums, so I either missed it or there just isn't much about it here.

    Most of what I do see here and on google searches is from years ago.

    Is PayDotCom better now than it's reviews from years ago?

    Is it currently a good and safe option for merchants and affiliates?


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    Hi, here are my thoughts on paydotcom...remember i don't speak for all of us. But paydotcom offers products that you see in your spam mailbox, in fact 80% of the spam I receive are paydotcom products, I clear out my spam box everyother day, and everyother day it is over 1000 in my spam box. Even one time I went through and opted out. seemed after that I received double the spam.
    Paydotcom is the easy way for people who are publishing their first ebook, on how to get rich quick, or watch satellite tv on your pc for 5.00. It is filled with crap, but this is my opinion. It is like the place where clickbank rejects go.......don't get me started on clickbank!!! lol
    have a good day
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    Ok, tell me about clickbank. Yep I am going there LOL! I recently signed up but I am learning how to use it and I want others imput on how well it works. Thanks!

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    Just go to the top of the page here and click on Search. Enter "Clickbank" and you will be able to see what others think of Clickbank.

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