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    Coupon : Brand vs Product Searches

    I have a question for those who run coupons site.

    When users visit your site, are users more likely to search for a discount coupon on a web brand name (for example look for Amazon or Ebay), then look for a discount coupon code on a product (like a HD TV)?

    What I am trying to understand customers who use coupon sites are they open to try different websites for a specific product, or have they made up their mind to buy from website X, and they are looking for a discount for that site?



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    Hi, Aamir,

    I believe the answer is usually the latter. Most people, I believe, have already made up their minds and coupon sites provide a different conversion channel to help seal the deal.

    The other disadvantage with coupon sites is they typically promote the Big Brands on their homes, whereas smaller niche sites get relegated to category pages (and on some coupon sites, even on category pages they get put beneath the more known name brand sites).

    This isn't always the case, but it's better to find a coupon site or two that you can personally work with who will give back to your brand.

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    Personally, I always search for "store_name coupons" or something similar. Never the name of the product. Maybe I'll try searching for product coupons next time to see if I get better results, but I guess my assumption is that any product coupon might not be honored at a particular store. So why not just search for the store coupons?

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    Store name coupon search is much more popular. And if the store name is the brand name too, a double whammy.

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