Because this issue is taking too long to get solved I'm wondering if there are other European Shareasale affiliates who are still NOT paid for November 2008!!! commissions i.e. December 2008 payment? Even my January commission payment was not sent out though I had reached my payment trigger.

My last payment went out 12/22/2008 by ACH Deposit. All payments before were always received fine after a couple of days before the end of the month.

Because I had still not received payment on 12 January I registered a support ticket. SAS admits on 20 January they had to resend all EURO payments and assured me that payment should arrive shortly now.

Today 9 February still NO payment! Or EURO payments were not resent at all OR payments were resent and were not processed correctly - again?

Any other European affiliates in the same situation?

Brian, what's going wrong here?

Thanks, Stefan