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    Okay the Boxing Days sales are almost here and I was hoping someone could recommend a good inexpensive printer for me..
    It would be used mainly for the kids printing off their homework and printing off receipts for my accountant, nothing fancy..
    I've been looking at a few printers but the ink refills cost almost as much as the printer itself.. It'll mostly be black in in use anyway..
    Anyone have any recommedations or experiences with a good printer, I'm all ears..
    Thanks all, and have a Merry Xmas..

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    ink is the the main reason I haven't bothered with a new printer for years, got this old inkjet piece of crap that feeds more than one sheet sometimes.. but at least the cartridges are only $10 now.

    if I were to get a new one I would look into a laserjet, while not up to date I do recall seeing some for under $200 lately. The laser toner lasts for a good 2-3 years before you need a refill I've heard.

    check around for an inexpensive laser printer then check the internet for opinions and toner life then compare to an inkjet + cartridges in that time frame.

    you could also try buying those refill kits or refurbished ink cartridges if you absolutely need one of those really cheap inkjets. Just be careful which inkjet you get as some have circuitry to prevent the use of such cartridges(among other distasteful things such as saying ink low at only half empty)

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    Being somewhat miserly myself (It's said that Scrooge was fashioned after me), I've continued to use low end Canons, right now a BJC-2100....don't think I've ever paid more than $50-60, and the best part is you can pick up replacement cartridges on EBay for $2 each, $3-4 for the color. They really do work ok....haven't had a problem yet in 10 years.

    They aren't fast and I wouldn't want to print 100 copies of anything, but they are great for schoolwork, invoices and the like.

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    I agree with Canadian - a cheap laser will give better print quality and is much more economical to run as the toner cartridges produce thousands of pages. Only black and white, though (colour ones are much more expensive).

    In the UK some companies are offering low-end laserjets as low as £80 - I'd be suprised if there aren't similar offers in the States.

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