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    Shareasale Test Transactions
    I've been getting some reversals lately from various merchants. The reason given is "Test Transaction Sale". Is this a test done by the merchant themself, or SAS?
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    It is probably done by the merchant. They should be smart enough to know NOT to use a live affiliate to test with, there are other ways to test affiliate tracking without using an affiliate that creates a need for reversals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loxly
    They should be smart enough to know NOT to use a live affiliate to test with

    I test our links/feeds out often to assure everything is working properly but use an account setup for this purpose.

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    Deb and Jason. Unfortunately, there are some merchants who are NOT smart enough to know that.
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    you have to remember that your site leaves cookies on the merchants machine, (some sites pop cookies without even going to the merchant site) they may have visited it in the past and forgotten to clean the cookies before doing internal testing. Merchants also check affiliate sites to make sure the T&C are being followed.

    Actually you should be glad that they proved the links worked....

    Personally I wish that just signing on to the merchant interface would clean affiliate cookies.

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    Or better yet there may be some merchants who are just reversing claiming its a test sale.

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    For those merchants who don't know they should google Karen's Cookie Viewer. They can selectively go in and delete just ShareASale cookies. There are times when one of my clients are testing for another reason outside of the program not realizing they have an affiliate cookie. So I teach them how to use this free program and then we don't have much of an issue anymore.

    Also a great tool for Managers to check cookies/tracking problems, ect.

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